Keesling Videography

This is our new videography section. Please be patient as we update!


11-20-2021: BREAKING NEWS!!! We are currently working very hard to get our video section built. It has taken some time to figure out how we would go about providing the videos we have taken through the years to the public. Our video section as you can see is in an incomplete test stage but we hope to get it fully functioning as soon as possible. There is a "LINK DROPDOWN MENU" at the top of this page that in the future will allow you to chose the particular video section you would like to view. We are hoping to provide some sort of download option so you can actually have a copy of any given video, but for now you will only be able to view what we have here on this site or our Youtube channel where the videos will reside. If you have any questions, please use our contact form from the menu above and we will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you!